Black canvas arts 
Who else lives here: Mandy and Matt Brown and their kids
Location: Salt River City
Once the house was built, Mandy visited work setting up and decorating her new art room on a cost-effective budget. Most of the pieces are DIY hacks, including some upgrades to basic Ikea pieces.
Within the Ikea bookshelves at right, Mandy stores patterns, scrapbook paper, receptacles of beads, buttons and elastic, and bits of fabric and leather. Over the shelving units, the lady added a free-standing wall structure shelf, where she keeps fabric and

pattern books.
The desk at the far ending of the room is also from Ikea. Mandy’s sewing machine is on one aspect, her serger on the other. She finds that having only one chair is most efficient — the lady simply rolls between the machines. On the wall above

the desk is the girl stash of colorful strings.
At the center of the room is a material cutting table, with cubbies where Mandy stores the girl fabric. The colorful mounting bolts are wrapped around amusing book backer boards, acid-free items of card stock that she buys online. “When it is about off the  bolt at Jo-Ann’s, if you fold it one more time, they wrap completely around those, ” Mandy says.



She made the cutting table by positioning two basic cube devices from Ikea back to as well as putting a item of Corian remaining from one of Beehive Condition Builders’ projects on top. She keeps a cutting mat on the table to protect the top, and

she uses a rotary cutter — a tool kind of like a pizza cutter — to slice her fabric. The particular table is about 32 inches high, just the right size for Mandy to stand and achieve all the way across it as she slashes.

“I i did so all my sewing at my dining room table, but I had to clean it up all the time, ” the girl says. “Having a place where it can just be out, I do so much more of it. ”

On the opposite wall from the girl desk, Mandy has a dressmaker’s form that is more decorative than practical. Though she uses the area the most, the couple’s children also use the room for craft projects.



“It actually has the best view in our house, ” she says. “I can see my kids walking up from college. I fork out a lot of time in there — much more than I ever thought I would. ” Upon an average week, Mandy spends maybe 15 hrs in the space

working on her black canvas arts . But as Christmastime rolls around and she ramps up tasks for gift idea giving, the lady spends more like thirty hours a week here.

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