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It is not difficult for us to realize that walking through an empty corridor with two walls can be monotonous and tedious. Therefore, the principle of designing corridors is to avoid the sense of narrowness and dullness as far as possible. If the corridor is narrow, you may consider "using the wall as a mirror". It's a mirror mounted on one wall of the corridor. But this method is easy to give people a "vulgar" feeling, especially the use of brown glass. Or you can consider setting a wider colored glass mirror on the wall, surrounded by silver-white aluminum alloy bars framing, because the mirror glass is not landing, put some potted flowers at the foot of the mirror wall to foil, forming a top-down echo of the scene. Offers Best Handmade Large Abstract Painting On Canvas. Cheap Extra Large Modern Abstract Canvas Wall Art for Sale Free Shipping.

Abstract Acrylic Painting, Modern Art

Some entrance corridors are graceful lines, and the door is facing a tall wall, making the whole corridor dark and stuffy, and once you enter the room, you feel depressed. What should I do? Designers can make bold "destruction" by removing the right wall of the corridor and installing a partition to "chisel the wall and borrow light". The partition should be creative, for example, from the entrance, which is suspected to be four glass latticed doors or a beautiful niche. The glass on the partition can be striped glass, stained glass, frosted glass, etc. The horizontal and vertical stripes deduce linear motion. The beautifully painted pictures show the delicate charm and the hazy reflection of frosted glass delicate mind. Handmade Large Abstract Painting on Canvas Sale Online, Oversized Abstract Wall Art , Minimalist Art Black and White Painting for Home and Office Decor.

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Speaking of corridor decoration, we should mention the principle of "occupying the sky without occupying the land", because the beauty of corridor decoration is mainly reflected in wall decoration. On the walls of corridors, latex paint or wallpaper of the same color as the room can be used. If the two spaces of corridor communication are different in color, a row of glass door hangers can be made on the wall of one side of the corridor. This group of cabinets should not be too high. There should be a multi-story shelf in the interior. Some souvenirs, handicrafts and other things should be placed on the shelf. On the wall of the hanging cabinet, several decorative oil paintings with a suitable scale can be hung to make up for the deficiencies and add the quiet and elegant atmosphere of the corridor.

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Genesis - Abstract Canvas Wall Art
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Black And White Abstract Art, Minimalistic Painting
Black And White Abstract Art, Minimalist Painting

On June nineteenth, the famous Large Canvas Art Cheap painting associated with the popular Austrian painter Gusitafu·kelimute(GustavKlimt1862~1918) "Adele Bloch-Bauer I" sold $135 million inside New York and started to be the world's most costly individual painting.


The Large Abstract Paintings artwork which usually is known because "Austria's Mona Lisa", has been previously owned by Helen Altmann, the niece of Mrs. Bauer, the new operator of cosmetics entrepreneur Ronald S. Lauder, the particular heir to the house of the founder associated with typically the famous cosmetics company Estee Lauder. Rich vendor Ronald Lauder, a makeup businessman, has spent $135 mil on famous art in addition to cosmetics to recharge the purchase price of the individual painting. At the particular 2005 Sotheby's auction within Ny, Picasso's famous Extra Large Modern Painting artwork "The Boy with a new Pipe" produced 104 million US ALL dollars, which had been the particular most expensive piece of art on earth at that period. In line with the privacy agreement, it will be not known how very much Lauder paid for Mrs. Adele Broch-Bauer I. According to be able to the New York Times, an anonymous insider believed the price to end up being $135 million, and Lauder herself failed to deny within an interview that the lady had set a fresh record for the price associated with just one painting.

Lauder known as the  Big Abstract Painting For Sale "Mona Mack within My Heart". He or she exposed a private art gallery on New York's 6th Opportunity, Neue Galerie, which often has specialized in collecting works of art by simply German and Austrian artists. He later exposed of which Christie's had recently been assisting him negotiate for the famous painting.

Frustration is a method of coloring the root tribe brush of an oil brush. After pressing the brush, make it a little bit, and then move it up. For example, calligraphy goes against the front, vigorously and firmly. The difference of dipping color between the tip and the root of the pen and the different direction of the pen according to the weight of the pen can produce a variety of changes and interesting.



The technique of gently tapping on the screen after dipping with a wide oil brush or sector pen is called patting. The beat can produce undulating texture, which is neither too obvious nor too simple. It can also deal with strokes or colors that are too strong to weaken.

Kneading refers to the method of combining two or several different colors on the screen in a straight line. After color manipulation, natural blending changes will occur to obtain subtle and bright colors and contrast between light and shade, and it can play a role of transitional cohesion.

Lines refer to lines drawn with pens. Oil lines are usually drawn with soft pointed lines. But in different styles, round heads, proofreading and old flat pens can also draw thick lines like strong book centers. Oriental and Western paintings are all modeled with lines at the beginning. In early oil paintings, they are usually drawn with precise and precise line outlines. In Tempera's technique, line arrangement is the main means to form light and shade. Western  Oversized Canvas Art later evolved into light and shade and body-centered, but despite this, the factors in the middle line of oil painting have never disappeared. Slender and bold. The use of neat or arbitrary lines and repeated overlapping makes  Black and White Abstract Painting language richer, and the treatment of different shape edges is very important. The use of lines in Oriental paintings has also influenced the styles of many western modern masters, such as Matisse, Van Gogh, Picasso, Milo and Clifford.

Oil Painting
Oil painting is one of the main types of Western Large Black and White Art. Painting art on processed canvas, boards, thick paper or walls with fast-drying oils and pigments. Early oil paintings used Tempere painting, which used egg yolk or egg white as litter to dissolve mineral pigments, and then made thin and transparent oil cover on the painting. In the 15th century, the Netherlands painter Van Eyck brothers used linseed oil and walnut oil as blending agents, which made the color easy to blend and was widely used. It is characterized by freely moving pens, laying layers on layers, improving the brightness of colors, and fully expressing the reality of objects and rich color effects. Since then, new materials and techniques have spread all over Europe. The Van Eyck brothers are therefore called the creators of European Big Black and White Painting. At the beginning of the 20th century, more and more people studied oil painting in China. Li Shutong (1880-1952) was the first one to study oil painting and introduced various techniques to China.

Sweeping is often used to connect two adjacent color blocks so that they are not too rigid. This can be achieved by gently sweeping with a clean fan-shaped pen when the color is not dry. It can also sweep up another color with a pen on the underlying color to produce the color effect of staggering up and down, loosening and not getting tired of death.

Stamping refers to using a hard bristle brush to dip the paint vertically on the screen with the head of the brush. The method of stomping is not very common and is usually applied only when special texture is needed locally.

Emulsion material
Emulsion material is a kind of excellent traditional material with a long history, which has gained new development in modern times. Emulsion material is a kind of mixed material which contains both water and oil components. They have both advantages. All kinds of tempera painting materials such as egg color, cheese color and wax materials belong to the emulsion series. Emulsion materials can be diluted by water, drying fast, similar to water-based materials; can be used for opaque thick coating, dry insoluble in water, but also has the advantages of oily materials. All kinds of modern synthetic pigments of propylene and ethylene not only retain the characteristics of traditional emulsion materials, but also have the advantages of oily materials, and other materials have irreplaceable effects. They are new materials with great development prospects.

Oily materials
Oil painting is the main medium of painting using oily materials and natural resins. It is evolved from traditional emulsifier materials such as egg color and brewing protein. Oily materials are characterized by slow drying, luster and repeated coating. Oily materials have strong expressive power and rich technical effects, which can be said to contain almost all the technical characteristics of other materials and paintings. The characteristics of oily materials allow us to deeply and subtly depict the object's shape, which can show the rich and lifelike color relationship of the object, accord with people's desire to reappear the visual reality since the 14th century, and promote the development of Western painting to realism. Since the birth of oil painting, it has occupied a dominant position in the western painting world and developed all over the world, which also proves the superiority of oil-based materials. The transition from water-based materials to oil-based materials is a long process of change, which has gone through thousands of years. It is a major breakthrough in painting material techniques and even in the history of art. The use of oil and resin is one of the important characteristics that distinguish Western painting materials from eastern painting materials.

Pull refers to the oil painting sometimes need to draw strong lines and objects such as sharp edges, i.e. the side of the sword or glass. At this time, after adjusting the color with a knife, the color will be drawn on the screen with the edge of the knife. The shape drawn by the knife is solid and certain, which is difficult to achieve by brush or other methods.